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Why Invest?

Reasons to invest

  • Existing processing plant at site upgraded and ready to commence production of rock phosphate at P2O5 20%, generating revenue from commencement of operations.
  • Large scalable undeveloped phosphate resource which the Chilean Government reported as an 87 million tonne phosphate deposit. 
  • Demand for phosphate rock fertiliser is set to accelerate over the next 50 year in the South American “food basin”.
  • Bifox is positioned 8km from the Port of Caldera with export capability into surrounding markets including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
  • Given this proximity to Caldera Bifox has close access to the Pan American Highway, electricity, water and labour from Copiapo one hour away.
  • Upon commencement of mining Bifox Ltd will continue to make a number of commercial phosphate production and marketing development announcements.
  • We believe both Pre and at IPO Bifox Ltd will experience significant growth in production and associated operational revenue.

Why Chile?

  • Project located in Chile which is now rated as a safer operational mining jurisdiction than Australia due to law and a new long term pro business Democratic government removing administrative bureaucracy.
  • Chile's mining law is based on Western Australian mining tenement law.
  • BHP invested $4 Billion into Chile in October 2017 to expand existing long term mining operations.
  • The local towns of Caldera and Copiapo are extremely supportive along with local government re the development expansion of Bifox operations as we represent employment for local Chileans with mining experience.
  • Further to large copper, iron ore, coal & gold operations Chile is now home to the largest outcrop of Lithium mining operations representing significant long term investment from ASX listed companies.
  • There are 29 ASX listed companies operating in Chile identified on the attached list.
  • Chile is a stable western democratic country with a long term outlook of stability.

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