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Bifox Overview

Bifox Limited, (Bifox) incorporated in Australia, is an unlisted public company in the mining sector.

Bifox is developing a portfolio of phosphate exploration and exploitation projects in Chile with a phosphate production plant located on site, ready to produce phosphate rock at 20% plus of P2O5, for use as a direct application fertiliser.


Bifox has secured access to this shallow ancient cretaceous period seabed phosphate in the Atacama desert measured by the Chilean government at 87mil tonnes, traditionally surface mined (truck and front end loader) and supplied at mine gate over the past 20 years.

Bifox has two sets of tenements – 6,090 ha mining exploitation tenements and 16,043 ha of exploration tenements adjacent to the exploitation tenements.

Initial production to commence at 5,000 tonnes per month and subsequently ramp up to 20,000+tonnes per month including a second shift to the production schedule utilising the upgraded plant with relatively low capital expenditure.

Bifox Ltd production capacity will be progressively upgraded to a large scale industrial operation capable of servicing Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay markets.

Fresh JORC program commenced in November 2018 targeting staged second half 2019 completion.

Bifox ‘s primary focus is to commence production at the Bahia Inglesa deposit, which is located in Caldera, 800km north of Santiago.

Caldera Bahia Inglesa - Phosphate Production Location



Bifox Ltd has unique proximity to world-class transport infrastructure with export facilities at Caldera 8km from the production plant and readily available mining industry labour from Copiapo 77km on the adjacent Pan American Highway; with an International Airport on the Bifox resource boundary.

Aerial view of Port of Caldera and Township

Infrastructure at the Port of Caldera

Pan American Highway: South from Caldera towards Copiapo, adjacent to BI Project area

Given the Bifox production plant proximity to Caldera we are on both town power and water and the port of Caldera currently handles bulk exports of copper and iron ore in handymax vessels with capacity up to 40,000t. 

Other key data:

  • High reactivity phosphate resource with low contaminants.
  • Direct application grade fertiliser product with dry beneficiation.
  • An organic fertiliser and premium product.

Post IPO ;

  • subject to current metallurgical studies we are looking to upgrade output to 30% P₂O₅.
  • service the domestic Chilean market by way of import replacement.
  • service nearby export markets Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay
  • develop existing phosphoric acid plant on site to produce 54% P205.
  • develop agribusiness fertiliser product range blending and direct markets.
  • develop animal feed blending on site and contracted marketing channels.